Submission information for artists

Artists and artist agents,

We appreciate your interest in exhibiting with Addington Gallery.

To apply to the gallery, please feel free to submit:

1. a link to your website via email.
Please send the submission to addingtongallery@gmail.com
In addition to this link, you are invited to send no more than three (3) medium-resolution jpgs in your email as examples. These images must be no more than 500k in size, or they will be automatically deleted.

2. If you do not have a current website, you may also submit a link to any on-line representation of your work. You can upload images to any free photo gallery such as flickr, shutterfly, smugmug, snapfish, or picasa. (for more information, links, and instructions, visit www.ofzenandcomputing.com/zanswers/914 ). If you submit in this way, include the following in your email (Again, please send the submission to addingtongallery@gmail.com with your link: contact information, biographical data, exhibition history, artist statement, reviews.

3. Additional support materials may be requested by the gallery, but please do not send physical packages or portfolios to the gallery for initial review. Exhibition catalogs may be sent to the gallery. Any hard copy or physical materials sent to the gallery will not be returned. In the event that we wish to further consider your work, we will contact you directly. In - person appointments may be scheduled after images have been reviewed and found to be of interest to the gallery.

Submissions must be sent to addingtongallery@gmail.com in order to be reviewed.