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704 N. Wells St.
Chicago, IL 60654
Hours: 11-6 Tuesday through Saturday

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Contemporary Painting and Sculpture

The timeless element in contemporary art is essential to work featured at Addington Gallery. In a media saturated world, fine art is unique because of its lasting quality, a quality that reflects the time that has gone into the idea, concept and process of creating the art. At Addington Gallery, these qualities manifest themselves in a variety of styles of painting and sculpture, be it representational, abstract, or a combination of various forms of expression. The strength of the idea, its execution and its originality are the signposts that the gallery looks for in the art that it represents.

Gallery History

Addington Gallery was originally founded in 1988 as Gwenda Jay Gallery. In 1981 founder Gwenda Jay moved to Chicago and became one of River North's pioneers as co-owner of Klein Gallery before opening her own space on Superior Street in 1988. Dan Addington's earliest association with the gallery began in 1993 as a represented artist. In addition to exhibiting his own art nationally, he worked as curator, assistant director, and director of various galleries in Chicago. In 1996, Dan became the Director of Gwenda Jay Gallery, and the gallery moved to it's present location on Wells St. In 1999 Addington became co-owner of the gallery, and in 2007, he became sole owner and it's name officially changed to Addington Gallery. Dan exhibits his work around the country in numerous one person and group exhibitions, teaches workshops, juries competitions, and frequently speaks to groups and classes about his experiences as both artist and gallery owner.

Bringing Art Into Your Life By Collecting

The joy of living with original works of fine art is one that can be shared by new and experienced collectors alike. All experienced collectors started as beginners, and proceeded to learn as they followed their instincts from enjoying art to being overcome by their passion for it. Learning to bring art into your life is a simple process of looking and learning that takes some time and commitment and is assuredly worth the effort.

There is no mystery to enjoying and collecting original works of art. The key is looking, looking with your mind engaged. The initial intimidation that everyone feels upon first entering a gallery quickly becomes comfortable, and the process of inquiry about the art that used to feel uncomfortable is eventually replaced by intellectual and emotional engagement and satisfaction.

As with all challenges, a little knowledge leads to greater comfort, which leads to more knowledge. Never be afraid to ask questions about the art on view in a gallery. The gallery staff is there to inform the viewer. Some basic background information on the artist's career, professional experience, and the context of his or her ideas can be very useful in understanding what the artist is intending to communicate in the work. A process of inquiry on the viewer's part leads to greater understanding of the work on view and also to greater understanding of artistic expression in general.

A beginner may find it easiest to begin by learning about an artist's techniques. Technique can be complex and fascinating. Many artists devise and develop their techniques as they produce their work. Once you have gained an understanding of how a work of art is made, you will begin to pass through the doorway which opens into the space of the artist's thoughts--where the germ of the ideas started and how they evolved. The artist's process generally takes years to develop, and true understanding of quality artwork requires time, as well. It is time well spent.

At Addington Gallery we enjoy working with novice and experienced collectors alike. We take our role as guide to the art seriously and understand the process a collector goes through in considering an acquisition. We understand because we are collectors and artists ourselves, and have been involved in the process of bringing art into people's lives for years. We desire the same kind of information you do when you are captivated and intrigued by what you see. We know the excitement (and trepidation) you feel when you are considering acquiring art. We understand that you need time to get comfortable with the art, and we like to help you through that process. Our goal is to have your passion for the art grow as you bring it into your life.