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The following discography begins with a list of released songs from Dennis's career. Of course, it has become apparent over the years that, like his older brother, Dennis always had a lot of work in the can, and much of it still resides in "the vaults". The reasons for this are many, and are discussed at length in the ESSAYS section of this site.

One of the purposes of this website is to explore the possibilities of the existence of unreleased material, and to present the most current and thorough information available about the whole of Dennis's body of work. Therefor, we have added sections which list posthumously released work, music available unofficially, and possibly the MOST intriguing of all, songs that are rumored or reported to exist, but have not been distributed in ANY form. The sources of information attesting to the existance of these latter songs have been documented after each song title.

Released on Beach Boys Albums

Surfer Girl (1963)

South Bay Surfer (Lyrics by Brian Wilson/Dennis Wilson/Al Jardine)

Shut Down Volume 2 (1964)
Denny's Drums (Dennis Wilson)

Friends (1968)
Friends (BrianWilson/Carl Wilson/Dennis Wilson/Al Jardine)
Be Here in the Morning (Brian Wilson/Carl Wilson/Dennis Wilson/Mike Love/Al Jardine)
When a Man Needs a Woman (B Wilson/C Wilson/D Wilson/A Jardine/Steve Korthof/Jon Parks)
Little Bird (Dennis Wilson/S.Kalinich) lead vocal: Dennis
Be Still (Dennis Wilson/S.Kalinich) lead vocal: Dennis

20/20 (1969)
Be with Me (Dennis Wilson)lead vocal: Dennis
All I Want to Do (Dennis Wilson)
Never Learn not to Love (Dennis Wilson) Based on the song "Cease to Exist, written by Charles Manson. lead vocal: Dennis

B side of the single: Breakaway (1969)
Celebrate the News (Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson)lead vocal: Dennis
Released as a bonus track on the cd "two-fer" reissue of "Friends - 20/20", 1990.

Sunflower (1970)
Slip on Through (Dennis Wilson) lead vocal: Dennis
Got to Know the Woman (Dennis Wilson) lead vocal: Dennis
It's About Time (Dennis Wilson/Bob Burchman/Al Jardine)
Forever (Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jacobson) vocal: Dennis

Carl and the Passions - So Tough (1972)
Make It Good (Dennis Wilson/Daryl Dragon)lead vocal: Dennis
Cuddle Up (Dennis Wilson/Daryl Dragon)lead vocal: Dennis

Holland (1973)
Steamboat (Dennis Wilson/Jack Rieley)
Only with You (Dennis Wilson/ Mike Love)

L.A. (Light Album) (1979)
Love Surrounds Me (Dennis Wilson/G. Cushing-Murray) lead vocal: Dennis
Baby Blue (Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson/Karen Lamm) lead vocal: Dennis and Carl

10 Years of Harmony (compilation - 1981)
San Miguel (Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson) Recorded January 1969 and intended for the "last Capitol album," planned for release in early 1970. It was also considered for inclusion on the 1971 album SURF'S UP, the 1978 M.I.U. ALBUM and the 1980 album KEEPIN' THE SUMMER ALIVE, but remained unreleased until 1981.

Released as Solo Works

Single, released as "Dennis Wilson and Rumbo" (1969)
Sound of Free (A side) (Dennis Wilson/Mike Love)lead vocal: Dennis
Lady (B side) (Dennis Wilson)lead vocal: Dennis

Pacific Ocean Blue (1977) all lead vocals: Dennis
Produced by Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson

Click here for lyrics to Pacific Ocean Blue

River Song (Dennis Wilson/Carl Wilson)
What's Wrong (Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson/M. Horn)
(Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson)
Friday Night
(Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson)
(Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson)
Thoughts of You
(Dennis Wilson/J. Dutch)
(Dennis Wilson/Karen Lamm Wilson)
You and I
(Dennis Wilson/Karen Lamm Wilson/Gregg Jakobson)
Pacific Ocean Blue
(Dennis Wilson/Mike Love)
Farewell My Friend
(Dennis Wilson)
(Dennis Wilson/Carl Wilson/S. Kalanich)
End of the Show
(Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson)

Released Posthumously

Fourth of July (Dennis Wilson - lyrics by Jack Rieley)lead vocal: Carl Wilson
Originally intended for the Surf's Up album, 1971. Released on the box set Good Vibrations, 1993

All Alone (Carli Munoz), recorded ca.1978, released 1997 lead vocal: Dennis
Originally intended for inclusion on Bamboo, this song was eventually included on the 1997 release ENDLESS HARMONY SOUNDTRACK. Munoz composed the words and music to "All Alone" around 1970-71. Dennis added and changed some words during the performance.(CM)

Barbara (Dennis Wilson), recorded 1971, released 1997lead vocal: Dennis
Originally intended for inclusion on an early solo album project that was never completed, this song was eventually included on the 1997 release ENDLESS HARMONY SOUNDTRACK.

Morning Christmas(Dennis Wilson), recorded 1977, released 1998lead vocal: Dennis
Originally written for the unreleased 1978 MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE BEACH BOYS lp, this stunning hymn (also referred to as "Holy Evening" or "Holy Holy") was held over for his intended follow-up to POB, BAMBOO. It remained unreleased until its inclusion on the 1998 release The Beach Boys: ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS.

A Time to Live in Dreams (Dennis Wilson/Steve Kalinich), recorded Nov. 1, 1968 -- released 2001lead vocal: Dennis
Originally recorded around the same time as Little Bird and Be Still, it was discovered in the Brother Records vaults during preperations for the 2-CD "Hawthorne California" rarities album, and was released on that album.

Unofficially Available

Bamboo (ca.1977 - 1980) most lead vocals: Dennis
Complete notes on the Bamboo songs can be found here.

Wild Situation (Dennis Wilson)
Under the Moonlight (Carli Muņoz)--Carli wrote the words mid-flight while on tour with The Beach Boys some time around 1973.(CM)
Baby Blue Eyes (Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson) - early version of "Baby Blue", later released in 1979 on the LA Album - lead vocal shared with Carl Wilson.
School Girl
(Dennis Wilson)
Composed around 1970-71 by Carli Muņoz (music and words), and Rags Baker(words)(CM).
Love Surrounds Me
(Dennis Wilson/G. Cushing Murray) - re-mixed and released on LA Album
He's a Bum
(Dennis Wilson)
It's Not Too Late
(words and music by Carli Muņoz, some additional lyrics by Dennis Wilson) - Lead vocal shared with Carl Wilson. -- One of Carli's oldest compositions, it goes back to 1967-68 when he lived in New York. Muņoz is responsible for the music and the lyrics. Dennis did contribute some words to the second verse during his performance. (CM)
Morning Christmas
(Dennis Wilson) - See above
All Alone
(Carli Muņoz) - See Above--Munoz composed the words and music to "All Alone" around 1970-71. Dennis added and changed some words during the performance.(CM)
10,000 Years
(Dennis Wilson/Mike Love) - exists as backing track
New Orleans
(Dennis Wilson) - exists as backing track

Non-Bamboo tracks:

I'm Going Your Way (Dennis Wilson)lead vocal: Dennis
Sometimes mistakenly referred to as "California Slide", this tune is a SUNFLOWER outtake from 1970. Bruce Johnston can be heard over the talkback during the fade. The lyrics suggest a hitchike narritive, possibly a reference to his first contact with the Manson girls.

Carry Me Home (Dennis Wilson)lead vocal: Blondie Chaplin / Dennis
Originally intended for the Holland album, 1973.

LIVE - I've Got a Friend (Dennis Wilson)lead vocal: Dennis
written ca. 1971. While no studio version is currently available, one DOES exist. It's included on a set of multi-track reels logged for the "Dennis & Daryl album", circa 1971.(Elliott, 2001)

LIVE - You Are So Beautiful (Dennis Wilson/Billy Preston) written - 1974, lead vocal: Dennis
uncredited (Stebbins, p.153)

Rumored and Reported

The following is a list of unreleased, currently unbooted songs that are reported to exist. Published sources of the reports are listed after the credits for the song. Referenced sources include: " Surf's Up", Brad Elliott; "Holy Man and Slow Booze", Peter Doggett; "Dennis Wilson, The Real Beach Boy", Jon Stebbins; "Dumb Angel", Adam Webb. Further sources include conversations with friends or researchers familiar with Dennis or his work who have shared information with me in conversation or correspondance, including Brad Elliott and Billy Hinsche. This information is either mentioned in the text, or is noted with their name and the date of the conversation.

I Don't Know, recorded 1/12/67, (DW), Elliott 2001 The Jan. 12, 1967 session for Dennis' "I Don't Know" included Carol Kaye on electric bass, Lyle Ritz on string bass, Bill Pitman on guitar or Danelectro bass, and Tommy Morgan on harmonica, plus Carl, Dennis and Bruce (probably on guitar, drums and keys, respectively).(Elliott, 2003)
Tune #L, recorded 11/28/67, (DW), Also labeled "New Song" and "No Name" on multi-track tapes. (Elliott 2001) "Tune #L" is what it says on the AFM session contract for Nov. 28, 1967. "New Song" and "No Name" are what the two tapes from that day are labeled. Tune #L" features six hired players, including Paul Tanner on electro-theremin! (Elliot 2003)
Mona Kani , recorded 11/15/68, (DW), Elliott 2001
Tale of Man , circa 1968, (DW, Steve Kalinich), Webb p.174
Away , 1968, (DW, Billy Hinsche, Desi Arnaz Jr, Dean Martin Jr.)
This song was first located by Bamboo Archive Project in BMI's Records. In conversation with Billy Hinsche, the existance of this song was quickly confirmed. Hinsche recalled how Dennis often played this song, in its formative state, on piano. Hinsche was drawn to the music and asked Dennis if he could write lyrics and a bridge for the song. Dennis agreed, and Hinsche continued to work on the song, composing elements that were inspired by the Smile tapes, of which he was privey to at that time. A demo of the song was eventually cut by Dino, Desi, and Billy in the studio, and the song was published by Dino, Desi, and Billy Music Publishing Inc, BMI. The song is also mentioned in "Surf's Up", Elliott p.280

I'm Going Your Way 1970(Dennis Wilson)lead vocal: Dennis
Sometimes mistakenly referred to as "California Slide", this tune is a SUNFLOWER outtake from 1970. Bruce Johnston can be heard over the talkback during the fade. The lyrics suggest a hitchike narritive, possibly a reference to his first contact with the Manson girls.

Sessions for Dennis' first unreleased album (W/Daryl Dragon) begin approx. here and continue through "Slow Song", 1972.
Settle Down , 1971, (DW) According to Steven Desper (2003)a 1/4 inch professional tape from Capitol Records (A Safety Copy)exists with the following information: DATE -- 11-13-70, PRODUCER -- Dennis Wilson, ARTIST -- Dennis Wilson , TRACKS -- mono (full track), TRACK DESCRIPTION -- 1) alignment tones, 2) "Lady" 2:18, 3) "Settle Down" 2:21
It's a New Day , 1971, (DW, Daryl Dragon, Stanley Shapiro) (published 1971, Bri-Mur music) Webb p.123, Elliott p.284
Behold the Night , 1971, (DW, Daryl Dragon) (published 1971, Bri-Mur music) Webb p.123, Elliott p.284
Ecology , 1971, (DW, Daryl Dragon) (included on the "Dennis & Daryl album" multi-track tapes), Elliott 2001
Baby Baby , 1971, (DW, Daryl Dragon) (included on the "Dennis & Daryl album" multi-track tapes; also played live with the BBs on their Fall 1972 tour), Elliott 2001
Wouldn't it Be Nice to Live Again , 1971, (DW) (recorded for the Surf's Up album), Elliott 2001
Old Movie , ca.1971, (reworked and released as "Cuddle Up"), Stebbins p.116
Slow Song , ca. 1972 (DW) (Tape # comes just before protection copies of "Cuddle Up and Make it Good"), Elliott 2001

"Baseball tapes" , 1974, (DW) Different from "It's Trying to Say" by Brian. Tape #514W contains a song called "Take Me Out to The Ballgame"; tape #513W contains a song simply titled "Baseball". A notation on the tape box says "Dennis' film".(!) Tape #515W, 2/22/74, has the title "Spring Bass Song" - It's possible that "Bass" could actually be "Base" as in "Baseball"), Elliott 2001
Our Love Remains , circa 1975, (DW, Steve Kalinich), Webb. p.137
Grateful Are We For Little Children , circa 1975, (DW, Steve Kalinich), Webb p.137, 173
Mona Kana , circa 1975, (DW, Steve Kalinich), Webb p.137
(This may actually be a reference to "Mona Kani", mentioned above)
Marble Sittin' at the Kitchen Table , circa 1975, (DW, Steve Kalinich), Webb p.137
Don't Want Much, Just a Country or Two, Maybe a Planet Before It's Through , circa 1975, (DW, Steve Kalinich), Webb p.137
Helen Keller , circa 1975, (DW, Steve Kalinich), Webb p.137, 175 ,Elliott p.291
Holy Man (and Slow Booze), 1975, (DW), Elliott p.288, Doggett p.167, Webb p.138, 178
Barnyard Blues , 1975, (DW), Elliott pp.288, 289, Webb p.138
Life Symphony , ca.1976, (DW, Steve Kalinich) Webb p.171, 174
Carl's Song (working title), circa 1976, (DW), Elliott pp. 288, 291, Webb p.145 (Found on the same tape as Barnyard Blues, assumed to be a Dennis Wilson song, but recently this has been disputed -- Elliott 2003)
Mike's Song (working title), circa 1976, (DW), Elliott p. 288, Webb p.145 (same as Carl's Song, above)
Flowers Come in the Spring (updated version of 1970's "Lady"), 1976, (DW), Elliott p. 291, Webb p.145
Only With You , 2nd version (Dennis lead vocal), 1976, (DW), Elliott p.291 ,Webb p.145

Sessions (unreleased) for "Pacific Ocean Blue" begin approx. here.
End of the Show , 2nd version, 1977, (DW), w/ Bruce Johnston, Webb p. 181
Tug of Love (Feel the Pull) , 1977, (DW),(From the POB sessions), Doggett p.167, Elliott p.291, Stebbins p.194, Webb p.145
I Didn't Mean to Make You Cry/(Worry) , 1977, (DW), Elliott p.291, Webb p.145
I Don't Know #2 , 1977, (DW), Elliott p.291, Webb p.145
Time For Bed , 1977, (DW), (From the POB sessions, considered for possible inclusion on LA-Light Album. A new track was cut for the song on 9/28/78 at Cherokee Studios in Hollywood), Elliott p.291, Doggett p.167, Webb p.145, Elliott 2001
Takin' Off , 1977, (DW),(From the POB sessions), Elliott p.291, Doggett p.167, Webb p.145
Cocktails , 1977, (DW), Webb p.181
Album Tag , 1977, (DW), (recorded 3/22/77 apparently for POB. Elliott suggests this might be the concert tag at the end of "End of The Show" on POB. It was recorded 7 days before "End of The Show") Elliott 2001, Webb p.181
Thoughts of a Girl , (DW), (Among a group of POB 1/4 inch mixdown tapes - probably "Thoughts of You" from POB) Elliott 2001
Rock 'n' Roll , (DW), (Among POB 1/4 inch mixdown tapes - could be "What's Wrong' or "Friday Night") Elliott 2001
Here Comes The Sun , recorded c. 1977, (Beatles cover) (It was reported that Dennis & Karen were recording this for the Late 70's Sgt. Pepper Soundtrack!), Elliott 2001
Oh Darling , recorded 5/12/77, (DW), Elliott 2001
Fever , circa 1977, (DW) (recorded during the POB sessions), Elliott 2001
Crying , circa 1977, (DW) (recorded during the POB sessions, on a tape w/ "You and I"), Elliott 2001
Beautiful Play , circa 1977, (DW) (Possibly "Moonshine" - title is a phrase from that song.), Elliott 2001
My Love's Comin' Down , circa 1977, (DW) Recorded with what sounds like the Double Rock Baptist Choir (who perform on River Song), this fragment might be part of an intended larger composition. Variations on the 4-bar phrase "My love is comin' down on you" sung by the choir alternate with 2 bars of Dennis growling a rough "C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon" ! An inspiring fragment of music.(DA)

Sessions for BAMBOO begin approx. here and continue through "La Plena de Amor".
Down in Mexico , 10/24/77, (DW), Elliott 2001
Mexico, circa 1978, (DW), (On a tape with "Baby Blue"; a second tape is labeled "Mexico - soundtrack" and dated 5/1/78), Elliott 2001
My Love Lives On , Fall 1977, (DW), Elliott 2001
Something New , Fall 1977, (DW) (on a tape w/ "My Love Lives On; tape number is one before "10,000 Years, 3rd Vrs.", dated 10/18/77), Elliott 2001
Merry Christmas , recorded 11/22/77, (DW) (unfinished instrumental track - NOT "Morning Christmas"), Elliott 2001
Common , approx. 4/78, (DW) (recorded during the Bamboo sessions), Elliott 2001
Something New , circa 1978, (DW) (recorded during the Bamboo sessions), Elliott 2001
Let Me Out Of Here , recorded 7/15/1978, (DW) (a second tape titled "Let Me" is dated 8/30/78), Elliott 2001
I Gotta Get Out of Her Seat , approx. 7/78, (DW) (recorded during the Bamboo sessions), Elliott 2001
I Love You , 10/15/78, (DW) (recorded during the Bamboo sessions), Elliott 2001
Shu-ru Bop (listed in Webb interview as Shootabout), (Carli Munoz), 1978 Webb p.186
All Alone , 2nd version, (Carli Munoz), Tom Murphy's studio, ca.1979, Webb p. 186
La Plena de Amor, (Carli Munoz), recorded ca.1978, written by Munoz in 1969, Webb p.186, Munoz 2002

Oh Lord, DW, Brian Wilson, ca.1982. Originally recorded in demo form during the infamous Brian/Dennis sessions at Village Recorders 81-82.(Stebbins p.208) After Dennis' death, Brian re-worked this track w/ Culture Club producer Steve Levine in July 1984 for possible inclusion on what would become "the Beach Boys" 1985.(Doe, liner notes: The Beach Boys). It did not make it to the final cut, and remains unreleased.
Night Bloomin'(Jasmine) , DW, Brian Wilson Also a result of the Denny/Brian sessions of the early 80's, a fragment of this composition was later re-worked by Brian and included on his 1988 Tour-de-force track "Rio Grande".

Labor Day, (DW), demo recorded 9/3/82 -- Evidence that Dennis was still recording within nearly a year of his death. A studio sheet (invoice) from Unicorn Recording Studios in Santa Monica reveals that a five hour session took place on the above date. The sheet notes that piano and vocals were used in the recording, and that the engineer was Ken Hillis. This sheet is part of friend Ed Roach's archives, and was posted by Ed in Jan. 2003. (interesting note: This date...9/3/82, was the day Denny's son GAGE was born. Could this have been a song about that birth, hence the title?)


Sessions w/ Brian Wilson, ca.1981 (Hamburger/Cocaine sessions)
Sessions w/ Gerry Beckley from America, (Duet, "Millers Drive"), Stebbins, p. 126
Sessions w/ Van Dyke Parks, Webb (In addition, Elliott notes that there are multi-tracks logged for Van dating from the late 70's which include the songs "Painted Wheels" and "Like Blues". Elliott 2000)
Sessions w/ Christine McVie, ca.1979-80, Stebbins


Finally, we present a list of Dennis Wilson compositions covered by other musicians.

Forever, Spring, "Spring" lp, produced by Brian Wilson, 1972
Fallin' In Love (originally "Lady"), B side of the single "Shyin' Away", American Spring, produced by Brian Wilson, 1973
You Are So Beautiful , Joe Cocker, 1975, (Stebbins p.153)
Cuddle Up Captain and Tennill, "Love Will Keep Us Together" lp, 1976
Forever, John Stamos, The Beach Boys "Summer In Paradise" lp, 1991
Lady, Lush, 1992
Carry Me Home, Primal Scream
It's About Time, Chuck Harter & Sean Macreavy, "In My Room" (Beach Boy tribute cd), 1992, 1995
Never Learn Not To Love, Sean Macreavy, "Dumb Angel" 1994
Cuddle Up, Sean Macreavy, "Dumb Angel" 1994
Lady, Eugene Kelly, "Caroline Now", 2000
Only With You, Norman Blake, "Caroline Now", 2000