SUMMER 2008!

This is it folks - Pacific Ocean Blue - the Legacy Edition featuring Bambu - has been released, to much fanfare and acclaim.

Scroll down to see the multi-media promotions for the album and read the accolades it is receiving in the press.

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Listen to this great three part Podcast hosted by Dennis Diken, drummer of the Smithereens at the Legacy Website.

Legacy has released an official line of Denny/POB T-shirts

Brian may of Queen discusses working on "Holy Man", and explains why it's not on the Legacy release, and where you'll be able to hear it.

Sony BMG has released the video premiere of Holy Man (vocals by Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters). This evocative video features previously unseen footage of Dennis. See it HERE.

"From The Guardian - "It's Just Like Blood on Tape". Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins talk about their bond with Dennis Wilson, and discuss the new release.

PRESS RELEASE, June 25, 2008






“The Holy Grail for many a rock fan” – The London Observer

Pacific Ocean Blue: Legacy Edition, featuring bonus material and the first official release of tracks from Wilson's unfinished Bambu, achieves phenomenal chart & sales success in its first week

Pacific Ocean Blue: Legacy Edition (Caribou/Epic/Legacy), the 30th anniversary reissue of the long-out-of-print musical masterpiece from the Beach Boys' Dennis Wilson, is blowing up both in the States and worldwide following its US release last Tuesday, June 17, 2008.

Pacific Ocean Blue: Legacy Edition -- a two-CD collection featuring the original album in its entirety as well as bonus tracks and the first official release of songs from Bambu, Wilson's intended follow-up -- was the # 4 rock release for on the day of release. The album is already a top-seller in the UK and Europe having debuted at # 16 on the UK Album Chart, # 67 in the Netherlands, # 71 in Ireland, and rocketing to #5 in Norway. These feats are all the more remarkable considering that Pacific Ocean Blue was originally released more than 30 years ago and that these are current, not catalog charts.

The release of Pacific Ocean Blue: Legacy Edition has been a cause for celebration among fans and press alike.

"The reissue's heart lies in tracks like 'River Song' and the rollicking 'What's Wrong’ --two raw, emotional highlights that are as moody as anything Brian ever composed," wrote Rolling Stone in its four-star review of the album, while MOJO observed that "(Dennis) left behind Pacific Ocean Blue as his masterpiece, a soul-baring document of a disintegrating male psyche that is perfectly poised between pain and its transcendence."

The London Observer called it "The Holy Grail for many a rock fan" while The London Guardian labeled Pacific Ocean Blue a "…musical masterwork…." Additionally, the Legacy Edition received 5-star reviews in the current editions of Uncut and Record Collector.

Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue was the first solo album to be released by any of the Beach Boys and has been out-of-print and unobtainable for more than a decade except as a pricey collectors item or bootleg. The deluxe Legacy Edition marks the occasion of its 30th anniversary, and the 25th anniversary of its creator's untimely death in 1983, at age 39.


March, 2004

New ESQ!
The new issue of Endless Summer Quarterly, due in March, will feature coverage of the Dennis Wilson Bash and an exclusive accompanying ESQ CD featuring new and previously unreleased recordings from: Billy Hinsche; Scott Bennett with Brian Wilson, Nick Walusko and Jeff Foskett; Stephen Kalinich; David Marks; Al Jardine; Alan Boyd w/ Brian Chidester; The Olive Branch; Justyn Wilson; Carl B. Wilson; Dennis Diken; Popgems; Gary Griffin w/ Jeff Foskett; Spihunt and others.

The issue and CD are exclusively available to DW Bash attendees and subscribers only.

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The Spring issue will feature exclusive coverage of Brian Wilson's SMiLE tour by Kingsley Abbott, Brian's new album, interviews with Wilson Phillips and much more.

November, 2003

New CD Release by Carli Munoz!
Carli Munoz, in collaboration with bassist Eddie Gomez has just released a new CD, "Both Sides Now". The jazz album features Carli on piano and Eddie on bass, and includes tracks with Joe Chambers on Drums and Jeremy Steig on Flute. "Both Sides Now" features Carli's compositions, some of his favorite melodies (including a beautiful and very unique jazz rendition of Brian Wilson's "Surfer Girl") and many inspired moments by the duo, trio and quartet. Jazz fan or not, you will be impressed by this beautiful album. To order, visit Tell 'em you saw it here first!

Carli was a member of the Beach Boys' touring band throughout the late 70s, and was a friend and musical collaborator with Dennis Wilson. Carli wrote and produced a number of songs for and with Dennis as the two worked together on the follow-up album to Pacific Ocean Blue, which was to be titled "Bamboo". Carli is now proprietor of a restaurant and Jazz Club in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico called Carli's Cafe Concierto, where he often performs on the piano. The place consistently gets rave reviews!

August 20, 2003

Dennis Wilson BASH! -- Dec 6, 2003
We’re pleased to announce a very special day to celebrate the life and music of Dennis Wilson. On Saturday December 6th, 2003 at Chez Jay’s in Santa Monica, California…we’re throwing the first official Dennis Wilson Bash! For all the details (including the scoop on the Dennis Wilson memorial signature ProMark drumsticks) click here:

It’s About Time!

Jon Stebbins, Dan Addington and Betty Collignon

April 12, 2003

Endless Summer Quarterly, Special DISCOUNT for Dreamer site visitors!
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For more info on this special Denny issue, read the news item just below this one!

April, 2003

Endless Summer Quarterly, Special Dennis Issue
Hey Denny Fans!!!! Word is the newest issue of Endless Summer Quarterly has hit the streets, and an amazing issue it is! NO Denny fan should be without this, and really, considering how entertaining and informative the mag is, the cost of subscribing is NOTHING!

March, 2003

Endless Summer Quarterly, Special Dennis Issue
Endless Summer Quarterly will publish a double issue in tribute to Dennis Wilson in March. The issue includes interviews with Brian Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Daryl Dragon, Trisha Campo, Earle Mankey, Gregg Jakobson, Carli Munoz and Marisa Conover. Also included are never-before-seen images of Dennis courtesy of Brian Berry.

Over 70-plus pages about Dennis Wilson; a true celebration. A second Dennis Wilson single issue is planned for June; with news regarding his music, and more exclusive interviews.

Sample issues are available at $15 each. For more information visit:

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Video, Open Sky, and other developements
It's not that there hasn't been any's just that the webmasters got married (not to each other...seperate girls, thank you!)and that slows the posting down a bit...but here's some news:

1) We've begun adding video clips to our soundfiles page...check 'em out.

2) The Message Board (Blue Bamboo Room) has been humming w/ such Denny luminaries as Steve Kalinich, Stanley Shapiro, Ed Roach posting, as well as regulars Jon Stebbins and Adam Webb. Thanks to them and the rest of our regular friends for making the BBR a destination!

3)The most recent issue of the Beach Boy quarterly magazine OPEN SKY is out, and this issue is a special Denny Issue! People...I can't recommend this enough! This is less like a Beach Boy fan club paper and more like a Wilson-centric Arts Journal. The Kalinich Interview is GREAT, and I dig the cover painting, too (cough, cough) :-)...Editor/publisher Chris Allen has done a real good thing here, and I urge all you Denny-ites and Bamboo-heads to support this effort and get a copy! (...and please tell him your heard of it HERE!) .Here's the Press release! --

The new issue of Open Sky is dedicated to Dennis Wilson with a cover painting by Dan Addington. An introduction written by Dennis Diken, drummer for The Smithereens, cuts to the core of Denny's coolness. Domenic Priore's wonderful appreciation - "The Drummer With The Knack Was A Surfer" is reprinted here with photos of Dennis provided by Brian Berry.

Following this is an in-depth interview with poet Stephen Kalinich who co-wrote several great songs with Denny, and reads the complete version of "Be Still" which was recorded for his poetry album "A World Of Peace Must Come" with Brian Wilson's musical accompaniment. According to Stephen, this album will come out soon. Andy Paley talks about his career and work with Brian, as well as touring with Brian's current band. Alan Boyd gives a long interview discussing the many projects he's been involved with related to the Beach Boys. A rare interview with Sean Macreavy reveals his love of Brian'squirky side as well as other musical influences and insights. Peter Lacey discusses the songs on his new album "Thru A Glass Brightly". Brian Kassan of Chewy Marble talks about his musical career and the influence of Smile and Abbey Road on one of his new songs. 70 action packed pages!

To purchase this issue send a check to Chris Allen for:

$8.00 (US)
$9.00 (Canada)
$11.50 (This Whole World)

Open Sky, 7 Greenview Ave., Princeton NJ 08542-3316

Back issues are now priced as above. For more info:


MARCH 2002 ISSUE Endless Summer Quarterly
Exclusive coverage of: Mike Love’s Olympic Torch Relay, Brian Wilson’s tour in Europe, Al Jardine’s latest recordings.
Interviews with: Mike Love, Al Jardine, Brian Wilson, Carnie & Wendy Wilson, Nancy Sinatra, Stephen Kalinich. Also, an exclusive review of Brian’s London performances by Kingsley Abbott. This issue has it all, and then some...

ESQ is published four times a year (March/April, June/July, September/October and December/January) Subscription prices are as follows: $24.00 inside the US; $28.00 Canada and Mexico; $34.00 Australia, New Zealand and Asia (including Japan); and $32.00 elsewhere (including Europe). Checks and money orders in US funds are accepted; sorry, we cannot accept credit cards at this time. Sample copies are available for $7.00 ($8.00 outside the US). Back issues are also available. LOOK FOR US IN TOWER RECORDS AND MAGAZINES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. Our mailing address is: ENDLESS SUMMER QUARTERLY, PO Box 470315, Charlotte, NC 28247 USA. E-mail Endless Summer Quarterly at Visit



Following are two excerpts from recent pop music articles. Links to the full articles are provided

Here's the first one:

Byrd, Beach Boy inspire new Ashcroft album
By Paul Cantin, Senior Reporter, JAM! Showbiz

Former Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft hopes his new album -- which will likely include collaborations with turntablist DJ Shadow and world-music innovator Talvin Singh -- will be in stores by September.--snip--

The singer said he has lately been listening to what he describes as "the real cream" of modern music, "to keep me tuned in to what is real." He mentions Van Morrison's "Astral Weeks," the late former Byrds singer Gene Clark's "No Other", and the late Beach Boy Dennis Wilson's "Pacific Ocean Blue" as records that embody the spirit of his new music.

"I have had a big old-school vibe. I have recently enjoyed the lost-'70s nuggets ... That period where the '60s had kind of happened, and there was a comedown, but they were still striving to make this spiritual-sounding music, so it was quite twisted," he said.

Read the rest of the article here:

OK...That was cool!...NOW, here's number 2!,4273,4228473,00.html

Interview by Will Hodgkinson, The Guardian

From a terraced house in the heart of Camberwell, south London, Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier, the married couple at the core of Stereolab, enthuse over their diverse musical obsessions, from 20th-century minimalist composers to Japanese pop bands. --SNIP--

The Beach Boys figure heavily in the collection. His favourites are the two solo albums and a single by Dennis Wilson, the band's drummer, incidentally the only Beach Boy who could surf and the one who is usually dismissed as a talentless thug. The single features a delicate ballad called Lady. "The heavy rocker is often tender, but he can't find tenderness, so he has to be tough," says Sadier. "A lot of the big wild rockers are lambs underneath."

Read the whole thing here:,4273,4228473,00.html


New POB Article
In our continuing quest to offer you, the reader, with the most complete Dennis Wilson bibliography available, we continue to add to our list of DW articles, interviews, and feature stories. This month's addition is from the March '98 issue of Mojo Magazine...part af a great series called "Buried Treasure: The Great Albums Time Forgot" This feature is by noted U.K. BB author Kingsley Abbott, and it's called "Songs in the Key of Sea". Go to the "essays" page - you'll find it under "Reprinted Articles and Interviews"


This month's issue of Ear Candy Online Music Magazine features an interview w/ Daryl Dragon conducted by the magazine's editor, Ronnie D. It's an interesting piece, and Daryl discusses his time w/ the Beach Boys, including his musical partnership with Dennis.


Denny Watch 2001
Don't you love it when our man Denny shows up on the pop-culture radar! Lately, a long article in Uncut, and a mention in Vanity Fair. Well, another blip on the screen...this time, a musician's website...GREAT STORY. I love stuff like this. check it out at the following link -- scroll down to the last 4 paragraphs:
Oh, and if you dig his story, tell him you got the link here!

ALSO: 2 New Denny Picture Pages went up this week. (5)Denny Mod, and (6)The Hard Working Drummer. Check 'em out. Do you have pics you'd like to suggest/contribute? Email us!


We are very happy to announce that we have upgraded to a better, faster, (and more expensive) server. We'll have new photo pages ready soon, and a few new soundfiles have recently gone up...and there are more coming this month, so stay tuned.


New Sound Files!
Due to popular demand, DWdreamer has added a "soundfiles" page.

And don't forget Greg Larson's new Brian shirts. Supplies are limited. Click HERE to see a reproduction and to get ordering info.


A Time to Live in Dreams
It is always significant news, in fact, the most important we can report at this site, when a new gem of Dennis Wilson music is revealed to the world. Well, on May 22, the new "Hawthorne CA" double CD from Capitol Records will be released, and producers Alan Boyd (a welcome, entertaining, and frequent visitor to our message board) and Mark Linett have done a great thing for Denny fans, uncovering a previously un-released, un-booted Dennis Wilson song, "A Time To Live In Dreams", and including it on this rarities anthology. The song is from the same songwriting period as "Little Bird" and "Be Still", and it exhibits the roots of many of the compositional tendancies that showed up in later Denny tunes. Following is an excerpt from the "Hawthorne CA" CD liner notes which discusses the song. For more information on the CD set,visit Cap's website.

A TIME TO LIVE IN DREAMS (previously unreleased) (11/1/68)

Lead: Dennis

Brian: I was totally blown out - he snuck up on me. I didn't expect it when he started writing songs like that. I was totally shocked.

To most people, Dennis Wilson was "The Sex Symbol," "The Rebel," a hyperactive non-conformist with uncontrollable nervous energy, and a short fuse that reminded many of the Wilson's father, Murry. Apparently, he was larger than life and sometimes a little scary - even to members of the group.

Brian (in a 1966 fan magazine interview): Oh dear! The most messed-up person I know. He's too nervous. He has to keep moving all the time...I really worry about him... It's like everyone else is on 33 1/3 rpm and he's on 78... I only hope he'll grow out of it as he gets older. I pray for Dennis a lot.

Unfortunately, Dennis never really did grow out of it, and after years of battling drugs and alcohol, the group's original surfing inspiration drowned in his beloved Pacific ocean at the age of 39. Chronology may be misleading, however; Dennis packed more life into those 39 years than anyone could have imagined. Even more misleading, however, is the rowdy, bad-boy image that Dennis projected to the world. While there was certainly that side to him, there was also a very sensitive, generous, and creative side that found its highest expression in his music.

Recently discovered in the group's tape archive, "A Time To Live In Dreams" is a stunning reminder of that gentle side of Dennis Wilson, a previously unheard collaboration with Steve Kalinich, an LA-based poet who co-wrote Dennis' first two songs ("Be Still" and "Little Bird," both featured on the 1968 Friends album) and later went on to work with Brian and Carl on a variety of projects, including an entire album of music and poetry with Brian, the still-unreleased A World Of Peace Must Come. Steve and Dennis spent countless hours together writing, singing, and reflecting on the nature of love and the role that spirituality could play in healing a troubled world.

Steve Kalinich: I knew the sensitive side was there because I thought why else would he want to go and read to the homeless and the sick kids in the hospital, and why else would he respond to this poetry if it didn't touch some truth within him?

Steve Kalinich: It was out of the genre of "Be Still," a sort of prayer to the world.

Although short, "A Time To Live In Dreams" is quite powerful. When Dennis sings, "a child's joyous tear, with innocence he has no fear/ now I know what love really is" it's impossible not to hear the raw vulnerability in his voice.

Steve Kalinich: Dennis definitely had a child's sense of wonder, he'd get excited over ideas... He had such an awe and such a wonder about God in the sense that God is the creative process... He was a choir boy in that sense, and I know he was the last guy most people would call a choir boy, but it was like, this music came from the soul.

(Personal note: In December, 2000 Brian Wilson got to hear "A Time To Live In Dreams" for the first time. When it started playing he said, "Wait - I don't remember this one! What album was this done for?" A little later, when the organ comes up and Dennis sings, "In this new day, change your heart, forgive your brother..." Brian suddenly sat straight up, listened very carefully, and said, softly, "Wow. What a great song.")


New Brian Shirt!
Yea...that's right...BRIAN.
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Denny gets Grammy
The Beach Boys were honored at this years GRAMMY AWARDS with a Lifetime Achievment Award. From the Rolling Stone Article:
The Lifetime Achievement award honors Carl and Dennis Wilson, both deceased, along with Jardine, Brian Wilson,Mike Love and Bruce Johnston. Yesterday's award was received by Love, Jardine and Johnston along with CarlWilson's sons and Dennis Wilson's daughter and grandson.Also in the audience was Alan Jardine's mother, Virginia, whoput up $300 for the first Beach Boys' session.

There's a great quote at the end of the article. Quoting Al Jardine, who was interviewed for the piece:
If things fell apart after Carl Wilson's death, Jardine noted that Dennis Wilson was also an effective(although unconventional) mediator."Dennis was a real karma corrector," Jardine recalled. "If Mike ever got out of hand Dennis would take him off of the plane and punch him in the nose. Then he'd behave for a few weeks, until Dennis would have to do it again."
Thought you'd enjoy that! Long live the spirit of Denny!
Read the whole article at

Just a few Denny Shirts left!
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New Denny Shirt!
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The December issue of the premiere Brian Wilson/Beach Boys publication "Endless Summer Quarterly" will be a very special ALL DENNIS WILSON ISSUE. Contributors will include:
*Dean Torrence with memories and unpublished pictures of Dennis.
*The Beach Boys' first tour promotor and friend of Dennis' Fred Vail.
*Billy Hinsche's SONG ANALYSIS and musical CHART of "Angel Come Home."
*Geoffrey Cuching Murray talks about writing "Angel Come Home" with Carl and having Dennis sing it.
*Jon Stebbins, author of THE REAL BEACH BOY will write an exclusive new piece for the issue.
*Stephen J. Kalinich has written a poem in Dennis' memory.
*SMiLE artist Frank Holmes is creating an exclusive new drawing in Dennis'memory.
*Unpublished photos from Dennis' close friend Ed Roach.
*Jerry Schilling, Richie Cannata, Alan Boyd, Brian Wilson and others are also expected to participate. There will be other surprises too!
Subscribe to Endless Summer Quarterly


Read our review of the "Beach Boys/Dennis Wilson Summer Special" at The Roxie Cinema, San Francisco, 9/14/00, reported by special BAP correspondant Greg Dundis. READ THE REVIEW

This year, Dennis Wilson fans were blessed with the arrival of Dennis Wilson: The Real Beach Boy by Jon Stebbins in bookstores everywhere. It has been a great gift to Dennis Wilson fans all over, and has brought many more into the fold. Well, now a new tome is poised to become the latest acquisition in your Dennis Wilson book collection. Author Adam Webb is putting the final touches on Dumb Angel: The Life and Music of Dennis Wilson. According to the author, release dates of January 2001 and May 2001 have been discussed. The book has recently been placed on the website. Stay tuned for more news.

Check it out, West Coast Bambooheads!!! Thursday, Sept 14, the Roxy Theater/Roxie Cinema, 3117 16th St.San Francisco, CA. Beach Boy Film Night! This promises to be a unique night filled with never-before-publically-screened Beach Boy film footage from "the vaults" and private collections. Also scheduled: a live performance by The Bouncedowns, and a discussion of all things Beach Boys/Dennis Wilson hosted by Dennis Wilson biographer-laureat Jon Stebbins, who will also be signing copies of his book. If you attend, say hey to Jon, and tell him you're a "DW-Dreamer" visitor. You can link to The Roxie at:

Other Dennis Wilson-related News:

Dennis Wilson: The Real Beach Boy by Jon Stebbins (see links page) continues to receive attention in the press. In fact, the current issue of Goldmine Magazine mentions the book. We can only hope that this book will continue to attract attention in the mainstream music press, and that more people in the industry will start asking questions about the music...especially the BIG question..."Why is POB out of print!?"
Jon Stebbins has been making personal appearances and doing interviews to promote the book. Hopefully, we will be able to post a schedule of these events soon. Stay tuned.

Endless Summer Quarterly, the fanzine, will be devoting it's November issue to Dennis Wilson. This should be interesting. You may as well subscribe now. For information on this publication, visit their website at:Endless Summer Quarterly on line

Now, the following is notDennis Wilson news, but I can imagine he would have wanted these items mentioned on his site:
Dennis' two brothers, Carl and Brian, both have NEW albums out this summer (2000).

Visit our site's discussion board for more info on these and other developements, and remember to check back often.