The following type-written press release/bio was used by Epic Records in 1977
to promote Pacific Ocean Blue to radio stations and media outlets.


Dennis Wilson Biography

"Dennis showed some great moments, he's started doing some of his own things, and they are beautiful."

-Paul Williams
"Outlaw Blues:, 1969

"My music is me. On the album, I did 99% of it myself. All the instruments, all the engineering, the words, the music is mine...and me."

-Dennis Wilson, 1977

There were six years before, eight years between the two quotes and finally, Williams' words in his classic rock book have found a home in vinyl - Dennis Wilson's Caribou Records' album, "Pacific Ocean Blue".

Dennis Wilson has spent a generation and a half growing into an artist, right before our eyes, on the world's stages. Building on the shimmering, sunny Beach Boys base and adding the hard edge of Dennis' own brand of raucous rock n' roll, the result is the first solo venture from any of the Beach Boys.

"I always wanted to do a solo album. Of course, I'm not leaving the Beach Boys. After all, it's the family business."

-D.W., 1977

Dennis is the wittiest, the most open and the nearest to the beach of any of the Beach Boys. Not interested in the gloss of Hollywood's high-rent hideaways, he commutes the four miles to Brother Studio from Venice, California's canals. Living in this suburb-by-the sea in a neighborhood peopled with a combination of aging, burnt-out radicals and young street poets gives Dennis both the creative thrust and the anonymity to make him just another of the local beach boys, without the capital letters.

"I love all my music...this album especially. Sometimes when I write, I think how I'd like to hear someone else singing I'd like to produce someone else doing the music. It's like every time I see the Joffrey Ballet do "Deuce Coupe", I bawl when they start doing my song. What I am, baslcally, is a hard-core musician who wants to be in every aspect of the notes, the words, the technology, and the voices."


Pacific Ocean Blue with its twelve songs is the climax of each step taken by Dennis on all those Beach Boys albums. "Cuddle Up", used as the Ballet's finale in "Deuce Coup II" appears on 1971's "Carl and the Passions-So Tough", and was originally reviewed by Ken Barnes as "a beautiful ballad with gut-wrenching impact". There were other songs ; "Make It Good", "Steamboat", "Slip On Through", "Forever", and "It 's About Time" which showed the drummer reaching for a new set of licks. On the album, "Rainbow", "The River", and "What's Wrong" could conceivably be covered by such dlverse talents as Roberta Flack and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

"I don't have concepts when I write music. They're just musical vignettes. The feelings of being free on Fridays to be yourself, togetherness, love, and the doubts that can tear everything apart."

- D.W., 1977

Dennis, who claims having no fear of embarrassment is his major asset wants to try everything possible in music. His next project will be to produce an album by a lady singer. Remembering the nights when he would sneak out from Hawthorne down to L.A.'s posh Coconut Grove to hear her sing, Dennis wants it to be Barbra Streisand. Fascinated by the technical side of recording, the soundboards are just as important as the surfboards in his life.

Dennis is the busiest Beach Boy, running the studio, composing, meditating with TM and est, getting the credit for his new found piece of mind. You're just as likely these days, to see Dennis whizzing down from his studio to the sea on his roller skates as you are to see him whizzing up the charts on his music.

As he says:

"I don't have that many influences on my work. Of course, my brother Bri, but it's got to come from your own heart. Our audiences have been with us so long they'd know if we were just getting by, cheating. I 'd never just get by or cheat. That's my heart out there."

-D.W., l977


NAME: Dennis Wilson

BIRTHDATE: December 4, 1944

OCCUPATION: Beach Boy - since 1961 (drums, keyboards, vocals)

FIRST SOLO ALBUM: Pacific Ocean Blue

GROUP ALBUMS: Thirty-three: 11/62 - Surfin' Safari to current Beach Boys Love You

GROUP SINGLES: Sixty-six, Beglnnlng 1961 -''Kenny & The Cadets", Barbie/What Is A Young Girl Made Of"

MOVIE: "Two Lanee Blacktop" - 1971, Co-starring James Taylor & Warren 0ates

ABIDING PASSIONS: Music, ladies and cars

FAVORITE MUSIC: The Beach Boys and Barbara Streisand

FAVORITE CAR: One of five including a '35 Ford and a Ferrari

GOOF-OFF TIME SPENT: Fishing and sailing on The Harmony

MOST TYPICAL BEACH B0Y ACCOMPLISHMENT: Came in 2nd, Hawaiian Surfing Tournament

LEAST TYPICAL BEACH B0Y ACCOMPLISHMENT: Reads 4 Russian Science Technical Journals a month

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