Michael Dubina

Michael Dubina has been an acclaimed painter of the midwestern landscape for over 20 years. While known for his large scale panoramic works, his newest landscape paintings are rendered in minute, evocative and visionary detail. These jewel-like works embody at once a sense of magic realism and an expansive, romantic expressionism. The images are painted with traditional oil techniques on the inside of matchbook covers, and are floated in over-sized black frames which compliment the physicality of the painted object.

In Dubina's paintings one can sense such influences as the atmospheric qualities of 19th century Tonalism, the tranquility of Luminism, and the romantic spiritualism of the Hudson River School. But instead of looking back nostalgically, Dubina brings these qualities into our time, placing his striking attempts to conjure the Sublime on the inside of common everyday restaurant matchbook covers.

Dubinas work has been collected internationally, and can be found in such collections as:

The Nicholas Sparks Collection
Ritz Carlton Hotel Dallas, TX
Hillary R. Clinton
Estee Lauder, New York City, NY
The Federal Reserve
MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, TX
RR Donnelly, Chicago, IL.
Citibank, New York City, NY
Fuji Bank New York, NY
Nynex Corp. New York, NY
Monsanto Corp St. Louis, MO
Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ
Duke University, Durham, NC
Winston Enterprises Inc. New York, NY
Carroll Reece Museum, Johnson City, TN
Price Waterhouse, Boston, MS
Illinois Solo Cup Corp. Champaign, IL.
B.P. America, Cleveland, OH
Hollister Corp. St. Louis, MO
Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
McDonalds Corp. Chicago, IL
Katsumi Kanada Village of Damine, Japan

Michael Dubina's matchbook paintings are $600. Frame size 9x7.

Paintings come wired and ready to hang. Contact the gallery to reserve.

Example of a Michael Dubina matchbook painting framed.

Secret Love, oil on matchbook cover, 9x7

Bohemian Rapsody (Homage to Freddie Mercury), oil on matchbook cover, 9x7

Evening Frost (Love and a Question - Robert Frost), oil on matchbook cover, 9x7

Another Knockout Punch (And No One Saw it Coming), oil on matchbook cover, 9x7

Moonlight Sonata (Homage to Beethoven), oil on matchbook cover, 9x7

Atonement, oil on matchbook cover, 9x7

Full Moon, oil on matchbook cover, 9x7