Judson Chatfield

Judson Chatfield is an internationally exhibited sculptor and master carver who works in stone, metal, bronze, wood and constructed glass.

The concepts for Chatfield's sculptures arise from any number of moments that offer inspiration: a whimsical comment, the figure in activity, the elegant flight of a bird, a fragment of texture, a distortion of light through trees. Each idea finds its expression through the sculptural medium that best suits its essence: ephemeral or dynamic movement represented through glass, strong flowing themes carved in wood, static strength worked in steel, stability and beauty sculpted in marble or stone, or agility and balance captured in cast bronze.

The figures depicted in Chatfield's bronze work are intimate and made to be viewed up close. Some of these figures are proportional and relativly naturalistic. Others are elongated and exaggerated. But they all have one thing in common - their expressive surfaces. These surfaces reveal the sure hand of the artist as he forms the works by hand in clay or wax before casting them in bronze. Like an expressive gestural drawing or painting, there is a spontaneity found in these works that is rare in a material like bronze that is so solid and enduring. It is a beautiful counterpoint that Chatfield gives us: The captured movement of the figure, the expressive hand of the artist, and the solidity and timelessness of the material. It is this expressive surface that, in the end, gives these figures that sense of humanity that we recognize and feel an affinity towards at our gut level. These pieces speak to our humanity, imperfections and all. They revel in the expressive physicality of our bodies, and they project a sense of both joy and contemplation as they reveal the qualities of balance and motion we engage with every day.

Chatfield lives and works in Australia and Mexico.

Circle, cast bronze, 11x11x4, unique.

Grace, cast bronze, unique

Yoga Pose, cast bronze, 15x10x6, unique

Yoga Pose, detail, cast bronze

Vaulting, cast bronze, 10x11x6, unique

Looking Up, cast bronze, 27x10x5

Looking Out, cast bronze, 27x10x5

Looking Out, Detail, cast bronze

Stride, cast bronze, 27x12x7

Stride, detail, cast bronze